A garage door comprises of a complicated system of cables, gears, springs, pulleys. There are many parts in the garage system that can create a noise. Some of these garage door noises can be fixes, but also for some other noises you need to speak to a mechanic.

First of most you should find out what sort of opener you possess? It can be a screw drive, chain drive, or belt drive. Chain drive doors are noisy. This doesn’t make them a poor choice but you are inexpensive, long-lasting and reliable in extreme climates. Lubrication regularly will decrease the noise however its not going to vanish entirely. A belt drive garage door is quiet.


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A simple problem to solve is a hinge. If the sound you hear is a squeak, oiling the hinges could be your solution. Do you hear a sratching noise? This could mean a bent gear and sprocket and they might have to be replaced. The gear and sprocket are placed inside main console. Unless you know a whole lot about machinery, you”ll likely should call an experienced garage door repair service. If you opt to perform the job yourself, be sure to unplug the device! Look into some prices prior to getting someone to correct your garage door.

Possibly, the coils from the springs have grown to be bent and so are scraping against the other person. The spring has to be replaced. Refer to the next paragraph regarding torsion springs and extension springs.

If you decide to perform work with the garage door yourself, be very careful. A garage door can be a heavy item of equipment that could cause damage to people and property if it”s not handled with knowledge and caution.